Hand-stitched Silk Scarf
Hand-stitched Silk Scarf

Hand-stitched Silk Scarf

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Kaantha (also spelled as Qanta) is a type of embroidery typical of eastern South Asia, often practiced by rural women.

The traditional form of Kaantha embroidery is done using soft, often used, dhotis (men’s sarongs) and saris.

They may be made with a single piece of fabric or with two or more pieces of fabric that are stacked on each other and hand-stitched together with a running stitch, often creating geometric patterns and shapes on the fabric.

This contemporary scarf is made with pure silk fabric from South Indian saris with the traditional Kaantha stitch. The result is spectacular, as always.

This is upcycling at its very best!
32 x 78 in / 81.3 x 198.1 cm 4.69 oz /133 grams

Please note that many of our products are made using recycled fabrics and may have tiny spots or stains, minor rips and non-aligned patterns.