In 2010, we launched a small design house to create unique products that were made thoughtfully using recycled Indian fabrics. When we set off on this adventure, we had three primary goals - to create beautiful products using Indian fabrics, to ensure that all of our products were made in a socially responsible manner and to have loads of fun along the way! Today, nearly eight years later, we are still going strong, growing steadily and having fun.

We continue to bring to you fine products from India either designed by our in-house designer, Noël Bonam, or by other designers who are making socially responsible products in India. Either way, you will notice that our products are unique and that they carry our standard of high quality.

Currently, we specialize in up-cycled products made with fabrics from India. Our products range from unique designs for your home (bed, kitchen and living rooms) to accessories for both men and women (such as scarfs, stoles, handbags, beach towels and beach sarongs).

Finally, we call ourselves  "BODA" because it means ENVOY or MESSENGER and it is very fitting as we believe in bringing you up-cycled treasures for thoughtful living with style.